12 cheat sheet for developers

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A cheat sheet or crib sheet is a concise set of notes used for quick reference. “Cheat sheet” may also be rendered “cheatsheet” .

Cheat sheets are so named because they may be used by students without the instructor’s knowledge to cheat on a test. However, at higher levels of education where rote memorization is not as important, students may be permitted to consult their own notes during the exam (which is not considered cheating). The act of preparing a cheat sheet is also a useful educational exercise, thus students are typically only allowed to use cheat sheets they have written themselves. In such usage a cheat sheet is a physical piece of paper, often filled with equations and/or facts in compressed writing.

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But, this is not all truth. In our case cheatsheet is a very important utility, a useful reference that a developer should have on the desktop . A cheatsheet can improve our work and can speed up our coding.

Here is a short list of best cheat sheet I commonly use every day.

What’s your favorite?

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