Il punto della settimana #1

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Primo di infiniti appuntamenti dedicato al mio web-surfing. Lungo questa serie di articoli settimanali vi propongo a titolo gratuito le letture più interessanti che mi sono capitate nel mio archivio. Ho deciso di iniziare questa serie perchè spesso ho trovato link interessanti in simili iniziative.

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Books of the Week

  • Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML – E. & E. Freeman. If you don’t know even know how to turn on a computer, yet have a savage desire to design for the web, buy this book. It assumes you don’t know a damn thing about HTML or CSS and walks you though the whole process. It’s also charming and funny. Maybe it goes a little overboard with the levity at times, but that’s probably an attempt to make the subject less intimidating for the beginner. It succeeds.
  • Web Standard Solutions – D. Cederholm. If Jeffrey Zeldman is the Beatles of web standards, that makes Dan Cederholm the Rolling Stones. Or Herman’s Hermits. Or….errr…O.K., scratch that. Web Standards Solutions is applicable for more advanced practitioners of the evil art of web design. This one is perfect if you already have a decent knowledge base. A lot of us have built up bad habits through the years due to lack of experience, unwillingness to change, or just plain laziness. Cederholm helps you break that cycle with practical solutions for doing things the right way.
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