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“It’s about ideas. But - most importantly - it’s about making ideas happen.”

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Contadini per Passione

We love to narrate our land and our territory passionately, looking for awareness and authenticity of the products we nurture and consume. This is “quality agricolture” we profess everyday through our website and social media.

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Talent Garden Pisa

Founded as the first coworking space in Pisa, Talent Garden is a community that accelerates & celebrates digital innovation. We welcome talented individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, companies and creators.

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aranciAmato raises from an ancient tradition of Sicilian farmers. It’s a young and dynamic company dedicated to Oranges production. Using digital tools, we tell our customers about the extraordinary reality of our farm..

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Consulting boutique for delivering commercial projects through extensive experience in coaching, sales force formation, and strategic marketing. We help companies to sell better and more improving performance and distribution channels.

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A creative studio that crafts innovative ideas into digital products! Genique works with small and large brands across the World as well as with other agencies and traditional companies, serving as their digital marketing and solutions vendor.